How to launch Ubuntu 16.04 in a default VPC in AWS?
  • Credentials to Login to AWS
  • PEM Key
  • Go to and click Sign In to the Console.
  • Sign In using your Root user or an IAM credentials.
  • Once Signed In, go to Services –> EC2 from the AWS Dashboard.
  • From the EC2 Dashboard, hit Launch Instance.
    • Step 1: From the AMI selection page, select the AMI (Amazon Machine Image) that says Ubuntu 16.04.
    • Step 2: From the Choose an Instance Type page, select t2.micro Type and hit Next: Configure Instance Details.
    • Step 3: From the Configure Instance Details, select the default VPC under Network, select one of the default Subnets and without modifying anything else,  hit Next: Add Storage.
    • Step 4: Add Storage: Under the Add Storage page, just take the default 8 GiB Size and hit Next: Add Tags.
    • Step 5: Add Tags: You can skip this part for now. We can look at this later as an AWS best practice. Hit Next: Configure Security Groups.
    • Step 6: From the Configure Security Groups, hit Create a new security group, give it a Security group name, Description and Add Rule to allow SSH type from Source and click Review and Launch.
    • Step 7: From the Review Instance Launch page, review everything and hit Launch.
    • Select an existing key pair that was a prerequisite and hit Launch Instances.
    • Your Launch Status page should show you the status of your recently launched instance.
  • From the drop-down Services tab, click EC2. Under Resources, you should see 1 Running Instances.
  • Congratulations! You just launched an Ubuntu Instance in AWS.


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